The Register's Difference

We pride ourselves on making the best possible traditional southern smoked sausage. At every opportunity we choose to put quality first to ensure that when you take a bite of Register's sausage it’s worth your hard earned penny.  

We were raised to believe that everyone should work hard for everything that they have.  We didn't take shortcuts just to get ahead or to get more than what was earned. Our sausage is the same way.  We don't use any soy, gluten, phosphates, or any other "fillers" to try and help our bottom line.  All of our ingredients are hand selected to ensure the highest of quality. This is sausage the way grandpa use to make it!

Here are a few differences you'll notice about our sausage:

  • Slightly chunkier sausage

  • Not emulsified like a hot dog

  • No fillers that give a bland taste

  • No phosphates to add "water weight"

  • High Quality Ingredients

  • Slow smoked so the casings don't get tough

  • The Famous Register's Taste!

Register’s Smoked Meats are the best thing money can buy, except puppies.
— Starla Deese