Serving the Fine Folks of the Florida Panhandle & Lower Alabama for 75 years.
The Register Meat Company was founded 75 years ago by Sparks “Pappy” Register. Pappy was working in a meat processing plant in Marianna, Florida and told the owner of the plant about his great smoked pork sausage recipe. The owner considered Pappy’s proposal but ultimately declined because the sausage ingredients were too expensive. Basically, in the opinion of the plant owner, the sausage was too high quality to be successful.

Undaunted, Pappy went home and began producing the product out of his kitchen. He sold the sausage door to door out of a washtub. The sales were so successful that the Register Meat Company was founded.

Production and sales of Register’s Smoked Pork Sausage has continued uninterrupted since that time, 1941. Register Sausage can be purchased in over 140 grocery stores and restaurants across the Florida Panhandle, Southwest Georgia and into Lower Alabama (LA). Our offices are located in Cottondale, Florida in the heart of the Florida Panhandle, 17 miles from the Alabama border.